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Natural, Nanimarquina by Maite Felices.


“Natural is what doesn’t need any great effort to comprehend”. 


Nanimarquina has designed a new rug collection that invite us to feel what nature offer us. After 25 years designing and producing stunning carpets, Nani Marquina looks back on her career, choosing the best of her expertise. She became recently a grandmother, and that’s why she looks back to her life and all that happened, what she learnt and the preferences in life after this years of travelling, gathering experiences, knowledge and the wisdom of others.

Nanimarquina thinking has been that true innovation lies precisely in creating rugs using what our environment gives us, like the plant that grows around us.

We together go back to the roots of the handmade carpets materials and techniques. The Natural Collection has been produced with an exclusive selection of natural fibres that reflect the plurality that nature has to offer: nettle, afghan wool, silk and jute.

These fibres are twisted together into continuous thread: a highly laborious manual process that enriches the design, giving each carpet a soft and unique texture.


About Nanimarquina:


Since its outset in Barcelona in 1987, nanimarquina has designed carpets and textile items, putting special emphasis on research into raw materials and manufacturing processes. This enhances the beauty of the products, converting carpets, textures, colours, knots… into art; into stories.

Nani Marquina began by creating and producing her own designs and, gradually, decided to incorporate the collections of renowned international designers into her catalogue. The first joint ventures were with well-known Spanish designers such as Mariscal, Peret, Samsó, and her father, Rafael Marquina.

In 1993, Nani Marquina embarked on her biggest adventure: to relocate her production to northern India, where she discovered the local manual manufacturing systems and broadened her knowledge about the culture and the symbolism of carpets. This incorporation of traditional carpet-making techniques into new production methods became a distinguishing feature and has made the brand internationally renowned: each carpet is unique in its design and quality. This fact has persuaded designers, architects and artists from Barcelona and from the rest of the world, such as Martí Guixé, Gerard Moliné, Cristian Zuzunaga, Emiliana Studio, Tord Boontje, Ron Arad, Michael Lin, Sybilla and, more recently, Erwan & Ronan Bouroullec, to design a unique rug for nanimarquina.